Solace in Marriage

Pre-Marriage Course - Terms of Use, Waiver and Declaration


  1. ‘Solace’ refers to the charity Solace UK - Registered Charity No. 1149720, Company No. 07952733
  2. ‘Participant’ or ‘registered participant’ refers to individuals that have registered for the virtual Pre-Marriage Course


General Terms

  1. Participants must meet the following eligibility criteria:
    • Women – revert Muslim woman who is single, divorced or widowed.
    • Men – Muslim man, revert or born into the Islamic faith, interested in marrying a revert woman.
  1. Following successful completion of the course, participants must complete the feedback form.

Intellectual Property & Terms of Use

  1. All course content, resources, and associated materials (inc. workbooks) are the Intellectual Property of Solace.
  2. All content, resources and associated materials are intended exclusively for the training, education, and personal development of registered participants. 
  1. Content, resources, and associated materials may not be used for any purposes other than those stipulated in this waiver.
  2. Participants are prohibited from transmitting, sharing, copying, reproducing, aggregating displaying, selling, distributing, licensing, broadcasting, recording or otherwise exploiting any Solace content, resources, or associated materials.

Virtual Training

  1. Participants can commence the course/modules in their own time but must finish all modules and the corresponding quizzes in order to complete the course.
  2. Participants are prohibited from taking images or recording (part or in full, visual, or audio) any online training sessions.
  3. Participants will be required to create an account to access the course. Access to the course of for registered participants only. Course links and account details must not be shared with or distributed to any other participants or third parties.

Professional/Medical Advice

  1. The course is designed to provide participants with information, tools, and tips to prepare for, develop and sustain a healthy marriage, with the foundation of Quran and Sunnah and a focus on psychological and emotional wellbeing. 
  2. The content and materials provided in this course do not constitute medical advice, nor should they be taken as a replacement for medical, clinical, or professional advice, diagnosis, or intervention.
  3. Any action taken (or inaction) as a result of the content and materials provided is at the discretion of the participants. Solace cannot be held liable for any consequences as a result thereof. 
  4. If any participant is experiencing symptoms of poor mental health or displaying concerning or unusual behaviours, appropriate medical/professional advice should be sought as soon as possible.
  5. Participation in this course is not a substitute for seeking appropriate professional or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Triggering Content

  1. Due to the nature of the course, some content may be triggering or upsetting for participants. It is recommended that participants take regular breaks as required.
  2. Solace is not responsible for any discomfort or detriment that a participant may experience as a result of attending the course, or any consequences, behaviour or actions that manifest as a result thereof.
  3. Solace does not give any guarantees of “cure” and/or resolution for emotional and mental wellbeing needs/issues.
  4. Solace is not responsible for ensuring participants undertake further mental health and wellbeing development or access support, professional or otherwise. Participants are accountable for their own wellbeing and ongoing development.


By enrolling to the course, I confirm that: